Wotofo Profile Unity Mesh Tank

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It’s a collaborative success by Wotofo, MrJustRight1 and The Vapor Chronicles.

It all started with the passion and suggestions from customers across the world.

Now this is the answer to all those voices for a Profile mesh RTA!

It’s made of fairly thick resin for comfy touch on lips.

You’ve got to try it and enjoy airy draws with dissipated heat.

It’ll be the start for you to rethink how drip tip matters.

After the success of the Profile RDA, Wotofo is back with a hot new atomizer called the Profile Unity RTA. This version is called “Unity” because it’s a joint collaboration between Wotofo, Brian of The Vapor Chronicles (TVC), and the designer of the Profile RDA, Mr.JustRight1.

The Profile Unity RTA is a 25 mm mesh tank designed for big flavorful hits and copious vapor from relatively low power. This RTA can also accommodate restricted lung hits — but not at all MTL. It comes with two size tank sections, one for 3.5 mL and one for 5 ml.

The Profile Unity is a well-built RTA. It has an industrial aesthetic with nothing hokey. There’s a small engraving of the words “Profile Unity” on the front of the tank under the glass portion that looks like a sports logo, but other than that it’s minimal design — in a good way. I received the gunmetal version. The finish on mine is basically flawless, and the machining on the inside of the tank is pretty good. It’s not the best, but there’s nothing for me to quibble about regarding the machining.

It’s a nice-sized tank, but it’s not overly big. Including the tip, the Profile Unity measures 25 mm x 44 mm with the 3 mL tank on, and its height is increased to 48.5 mm with the 5 mL tank section. It’s got a beefy Goon style resin 810 drip tip that’s awesome to use. it’s also compatible with some tips without O-rings. But it’s too nice to swap. The drip tip base opening is the same diameter as the chimney and it funnels out to a wider mouth bore. This tip is truly a part of the tank, not just an afterthought…


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